Diy folded horn speaker


Making a Bass-Boosting Horn Speaker - On a Stepcraft CNC

Log in or Sign up. Messages: 14, Location: North of Eden. Thought this was kind of cool From Popular Mechanics, Has parts list and plans. Bonus; small tube amp design included. Wigwam JonesDec 3, Very interesting design I love the pictures of that amp too.

I wish schematics looked like the bottom picture of the amp I know I could build that with no problem if schematics were drawn like that. John James likes this. Messages: 5, Location: Helena, Montana. That's pretty cool. Wish I had a couple of Lowther drivers for a project like that. I can't tell in the specs if those are actual volume dimensions for the drivers or Thiel small parameters. You would have to see if the drivers are appropriate for that kind of volume.

A Folded Horn Enclosure To Make The Most Out Of A Subwoofer

Have you looked into transmission line speaker DIY as an alternative? Messages: 10, Location: Shorewood MN. This is a Back Loaded Horn, using Fostex e. This cabinet will actually use a few different 4" drivers because the compression chamber is adjustable. I've had no reason to change out the original Fostex drivers since I think they do an adequate job.Is wood glue strong enough to hold all the joints together without screws?

Fostex describes a different design for Horn cabinet in their datasheet. Has someone made a comparison in sound to that. There is a new high-sensitivity folded horn speaker kit being offered by Madisound. The BKm uses the Fostex FEEn full-range speaker driver in a custom folded horn enclosure while the driver is run full range with no filters whatsoever.

The Fostex FEEn driver is 4. This high-sensitivity means that the BKm speakers will be suitable for use with low powered amplifiers.

The Birch plywood is unfinished so you can finish the speakers how you like. The BKm speaker kit includes:. To put the kit together you will need just a screwdriver, wood glue, sand paper, bar clamps and binding posts.

An inside view of the folded horn speaker enclosure is shown in the photo below. For full details about the BKm speaker kit see the product page at Madisound.

diy folded horn speaker

More single-driver speaker kits and projects:. Posted by diyAudioProjects. Email This BlogThis! Anonymous PM, July 17, Anonymous AM, September 12, Rearden AM, September 13, Anonymous AM, February 16, Terry M.

Oneil PM, October 15, Unknown PM, March 01, Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.The resurgence of interest in full range speakers has led to a renewed exploration of the rear-loaded horn. This coupled with a whole new generation of more advanced computer-based modeling tools have given designers more power to generate better designs. F rugal-Horn. FH3 been shown to work with a wide variety of drivers. More are being encouraged.

With Fostex doing a complete revision of their popular full-ranges, most of the Spawn of Frugel-Horn became obsolete. Horns are typically more complex to build, and are not without other problems, but a well-executed BLH can be a real aid to enjoying the music -- and in the end that is what it is all about.

All of these will be supported by well developed plans some still a work in progress and links to community discussions on these specific designs. These horns are free to build for non-commercial use and licencing requirements for commercial ventures are not onerous. We hope that the builders add their own creativity and personality to their speakers. Frugel-Horn Mk3.

Frugel-Horn XL. Frugel-Horn Lite. The original. Spawn Family. Ron's Horns. Acknowledgments, etc. Use of Designs. Mail Us.Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Joined May 26, Tonian Acoustics TL-D1Wideband 8" Fostex driver augmented by ribbon supertweeter These are by far the best speakers I have ever owned regardless of price.

I just sold my Dynaudio special 25 speakers. The Dynaudio's sound very uninteresting when you listed to these speakers for a whole week.

diy folded horn speaker

These speakers are very open, detailed and fast. These are spectacular with classical and jazz music. They have very natural, life-like sound to them. I would highly suggest anyone looking for another speaker, or thinking about improving their electronics to get better sound, to audition these Tonian Labs speakers. You will be surprised how live they sound!

Tekton Uruz I am the original owner and have had them for months. Have about hours on them. I had the Zu for about a year when I bought these Uruz. I like the Zu because they were good or very good with all the styles of music that I enjoy. Read some great words from Tekton owners and Eric of Tekton convinced me to give the Uruz a try.

If you prefer this type of music or use sacd's you will love these speakers. I decided to order two Audio Nirvana full-range drivers and experiment with them and compare them to the Fostex full-range drivers.

I have plans to build another pair of full-range speakers for my family room to be used with the big 73 inch Mitsubishi TV. I also decided to upgrade the Fostex drivers.I thought that people who build their own subwoofers were fringe enthusiasts who cared more about building something than about sound quality.

It turns out I was completely wrong. Small cabinet size is a critical constraint. Infinite Baffle IB subwoofers use an enclosure that is nearly infinite in size. The lowest possible frequency is typically between 18 Hz and 25 Hz. In addition, IB subwoofers can achieve perfectly flat bass response, which is impossible with most other subwoofer designs.

The low frequency threshold of human hearing is about 20 Hz. The reason is simple: these are the frequencies that you can feel. In your chest. In your seat. As with all designs, there are trade-offs. For Infinite Baffle, the first constraint is cone travel. Infinite baffle designs typically use at least two inch woofers, but can use four or more inch woofers.

The second drawback to Infinite Baffle subwoofers is low efficiency. Horn speakers a. Basically, the efficiency comes form the megaphone effect.

Big D' s Folded Horn Speakers w Fostex Full-Range Drivers

This speaker design is very common for tweeters and midrange drivers from companies such as Klipsch, but is extremely uncommon for subwoofers. This is because lower frequencies have substantially longer wavelengths that require substantially longer horns. A simple horn subwoofer has a straight horn that gradually expands.

The size makes it unpractical for home theater see photo. A folded horn subwoofer wraps around itself to reduce size similar to a tuba. A folded tapped horn subwoofer has the back of the subwoofer placed near the horn exit, so the backwards motion of the woofer produces sound that reinforces sound produced by the forward motion through the horn. However, most of the efficiency benefits can be realized by using half-length 15 feet or quarter-length 7.

This enclosure size is small enough that it can be integrated into a home theater room, such as a riser under the second row of seating. A conventional subwoofer design requires hundreds of watts to achieve this Sound Pressure Level. As with all subwoofers, the woofer must be optimized for the enclosure in which it is installed. Software such as HornResp can be used to model the enclosure performance. Some frequencies are greatly exaggerated and a few frequencies are completely muted.

Luckily, there is only 1 or 2 frequency voids in the subwoofer frequency range below Hz and this can be mitigated through equalization. The most cost effective method of amplifying your do-it-yourself subwoofer is a professional PA amplifier. They deliver huge amounts of power at relatively low costs. All of these issues can be overcome ,as detailed in my Infinite Baffle subwoofer install post. I know; fried two two of them before switching to the EP Purchasing a ready-made subwoofer is the fastest and easiest way to get bass into your home theater.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve the article, please post them in the comments section below. Hi, Thanks for this detailed info. I am planning to buy car sub-woofer within the reasonable price. Is it possible to buy quality within price?For their size and cost the Fostex FEEn double bass-reflex speakers really sound great.

The speaker enclosure plans for the double bass-reflex cabinets were provided with the FEEn driver documentation which also included speaker cabinet plans for a large back-loaded horn speaker enclosure. Being impressed with the great sound from the smaller double bass-reflex speaker boxes I decided I wanted to get horny and have a pair of the large back-loaded horn loudspeaker enclosures made up.

The back-loaded or rear-loaded horn loudspeaker system is like bass-reflex and double bass-reflex speaker types in that the sound radiated from the back of speaker transducer is utilized to enhance the bass response. The difference however is that back-loaded horn BLH speaker enclosures make among the most efficient use of the back wave from the speaker driver. The back-loaded horn speaker enclosure operates by developing the bass response using the back wave from the speaker driver and an expanding horn section.

The remainder of sound spectrum mid and high-frequency ranges is radiated directly from the front wave produced by the speaker driver. Back-loaded horn speaker enclosures are generally amongst the most efficient enclosure systems and respond well to the subtlest components of music signals. For "tighter" sound reproduction, you can reduce the interior volume of the horn speaker cabinet using fill material.

diy folded horn speaker

Sound absorbing material should be used directly behind the driver and also at the mouth of the horn to smooth out the frequency response. Figure 1 below shows the speaker box plan from the datasheet. The photographs below show the Fostex FEEn fullrange speaker drivers used with the rear-loaded horn speaker cabinets. The magnet of the FEEn driver is extremely large so it is also covered with bitumanized aluminium foil tape Photograph 2 to help reduce sound reflections from the back of the speaker box.

Better yet would be to cover the magnet with a more sound absorbing material like felt or wool. Note that there are many tweaks and modifications that can be made to improve the performance from the Fostex FEEn drivers.

For more tips and ideas see the Fostex FEEn fullrange speaker driver tweaks and modifications page. To the stamped speaker chassis I have added bituminous aluminium foil to dampen the Fostex FEEn drivers frame Photograph 3. The back of the drivers really has to be treated in some fashion due to the large size of the magnet surface and the shallowness of the first compression chamber in the horn cabinet.

Bituminised aluminium foil is layered on the magnet and and also wrapped around the spokes struts of the speaker basket. Felt is layered on top of this. A few months after requested, my speaker cabinet maker delivered the first of the two large back-loaded horn speaker cabinets. In Photograph 4 you can see the complexity of design and construction of the horn speaker cabinets.

There are thirty-six pieces of timber in each speaker box. Stainless screws, glue, dowelling and clamps were employed to assemble the horn speaker boxes. The timber used for the speaker cabinets is 21 mm thick pine plywood. The front baffle board and bottom are doubled up in thickness. There is a large spine on the back of the horn speaker cabinets which makes them a very rigid structure. The plywood horn speaker boxes are largely resonance free Photograph 5.

diy folded horn speaker

If you are a big fan of pine, these plywood monsters will be visually pleasing to you. The speaker boxes arrived fully sanded so all I had to do was seal the surface of the timber.

To do this I applied two coats of Australian beeswax to the outside of the horn loudspeaker cabinet. To the mouth of the horn I applied a heavy cedar oil. Both brought the pine grain forward and made the boxes look quite attractive and smell delicious!

Photograph 8 The horn speakers are quite heavy so carpet sliding feet were fitted to the bottom of the speaker cabinets so they can be easily moved around. Once the two enclosures had been delivered I set about running the wiring from front to back to pick-up the binding posts.

Gold plated binding posts are used to connect the speakers at the back. Remove any excess slack from the connecting wire and the FEEn drivers are securely fastened to the horn speaker boxes using the supplied gasket. The FEEn datasheet makes recommendations for fill and sound absorbent material as shown in Figure 2. I only added dampening material to the compression chamber immediately behind the driver.

Originally I packed the compression chamber with Dacron poly fill.Had been browsing the web for good speaker designs and was intrigued by the concept of horn speakers.

Thought I would go ahead and make one just to see if the claims on the web were true or not very high efficiency, no cross over distortion, great sound in th mid range, and bass up to Hz without woofers. The designs on frugal-horn. I was planning on recycling drivers 3 inch or 4 inch speakers that I already had so therefore selected the least wide Spawn speakers. The picture shows how the speakers turned out.

Wife likes em! Will post a video later on. Printed the plans out. Closest were 16 inch wide and 5. So decided to get enough of the 5. Also bought some nice plywood and Lowes cut it for me to 18 inches wide. Was simpler to stick to the original 18 inch dimensions otherwise I would have to recalculate the internal baffle dimensions. Did you use this instructable in your classroom?

Ultimate Home Theater Subwoofer Designs

Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. I cut the 18 inch wide panels to a height of 6 feet from it's original height of 8 feet. I then drew the locations of the internal baffles onto the plywood panel.

Then drilled 1 mm dia. Got busy with the glue bottle and clamps and screws to assemble the the back, top, bottom and front panels baffled onto one 18 inch by 72 inch side panel. Used biscuits to hook the panels together which makes the final assembly quite a bit easier. You can see the biscuit slots in the left most speaker. Even with biscuits is is important that the panels are perpendicular otherwise the final large panel will not fit on top. While the glue was curing, I cut the 5.

This was a bit of a work as only had a handheld circular saw. Glued the internal labyrinth of baffles in. And painted exposed surfaces with black paint.

Let everything dry and cure overnight. Could not wait to see if these speakers actually performed as stated so wired an RCA socket on one end and a 3 inch speaker that I removed from a Creative Labs D80 bluetooth speaker box.

The original speaker output on the amplified Creative bluetooth D80 unit was extended with a longer wire to which I soldered an RCA plug. Know this is not the ideal speaker driver but it was good enough for a test. Without the second side panel, the sound was not too bad! And not that different from the second speaker still in the creative box.

This got me a bit worried.

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