Narco killings


But it's a disturbingly common scene in dozens of Brit holiday hotspots in Mexico, as organised drug cartels are currently locked in a violent war that is getting more brutal by the day. The ruthless cocaine lord is believed to be even more violent than El Chapo and does not even take mercy of women or children.

In the first half ofthere were a staggering 17, gangland murders - with 94 people being brutally killed every single day. Last year saw a total of 33, making it the bloodiest year on record, but this year is set to be the most violent of all time. And the bloodshed is spilling into affluent tourist hotspots including Mexico City and Cancun, where over half a million Brits holiday every summer. While the latest homicide statistics are horrific, the methods cartels use to keep rivals in check is just as terrifying.

In recent years, large cartels have splintered into smaller factions who then battle for previously shared turf, escalating the violence, and prompting kidnaps and torture. Here, we reveal the backstories and brutal characteristics of the major cartels in Mexico who maintain their grip on the nation with psychopathic ruthlessness. Led by El Mencho, the CJNG has a reputation for unimaginable, extreme violence, starting with the torture and massacre of 35 people in Veracruz in And in the CJNG ambushed and murdered 15 Mexican cops in one of the deadliest attacks on law enforcement in the country.

They're known to have military-grade weapons including rocket-propelled grenades RPGs which they used to shoot down a military helicopter in The bodies of 44 missing people — many of them women - were last month been found buried in a water well in an area of Mexico notorious for brutal drug cartel executions. In August, the CJNG hung another 19 other bodies from bridges — with 10 more dismembered bodies full of bullets found nearby.

As well as the local drug trade, the brutal slayings were said to also be over control of the region's billion-dollar avocado industry. The Sinaloa Cartel is one of the biggest and most powerful drug trafficking cartels in the world - and also the focus of Netflix's Narcos : Mexico. It is an offshoot of the Guadalajara cartel, and they grew to international notoriety in when they kidnapped and murdered undercover DEA agent Kiki Camarena in So over 30 hours, they broke Camarena's skull, jaw, nose, cheekbones and windpipe, injecting him with drugs to make sure he was conscious throughout the torture.

The unprecedented backlash from US police led to the gang breaking up into different groups, with notorious El Chapo "Shorty" and his partner choosing to stay in Sinaloa. But with tensions high, war between the splintered Sinaloa groups immediately kicked off, with El Chapo sending 40 gunmen to a party in Tijuana in where nine people were killed. They've killed women and children, and have been known to rape family members of their rivals and force them to watch. Ina video surfaced showing El Chapo beheading a rival with a chainsaw before cutting the face off the head and stitching it to a football.

With its vast resources, the group has been known to use Boeing s, narco submarines and container ships to move multiple-tonne shipments of cocaine, heroin and fentanyl into North America. But the group is also famous for its drug "super tunnels", huge underground passageways equipped with lifts and electric rail cars dug across the US-Mexico border to move drugs into the States.

Even with El Chapo behind bars for the rest of his life, the Sinaloa Cartel remains one of the most powerful cartels in Mexico. Last year, there were 2, killings in tourist hotspot Tijuana, where the Sinaloa are desperately trying to keep control of the city from other cartels' incursions.November 5, pm Updated November 7, am.

The nine women and children slaughtered in Mexico on Monday were part of a Mormon community with ties to the alleged sex-cult Nxivm.

The filmmaker working with Raniere at the time, Mark Vicente, told the online magazine Slate that the documentary ultimately became a recruiting video for Nxivm, which purported to be a self-help group but morphed into what the feds called a cult that sexually, physically and emotionally abused its mainly female followers.

The film included an interview with Julian LeBaron, who identified himself as the cousin of one of the moms killed Monday and who is a leader of the Mexico Mormon community. The cartel eventually released the abducted man.

narco killings

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Associated Press. Mark Vicente, a filmmaker who worked with Raniere. Getty Images.This people are demon possessed only Satan can make people do this to another human, they will burn in hell.

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Cartel Leader Who Decapitated 6-Year-Old With Then Set Her On Fire Sentenced To Life - BET News

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I did not watch it. Chivis, message did not appear in the video. Picture shows part of the message but not actually viewable. Hopefully we have a complete picture and entire message viewable. BTW love the work daily visitor first thing is wake up and see the site very informative.

Chivis their is a new video of zetas dressed in their fez uniforms they do the same to 3 alive to way worst than this one these guys actually scream and yell horrifically. Thanks Laredo! If anyone gets the Text somewhere please let us know. I am not so sure this is the work of CDG.This site is an historical mapping record of the number of narco related killings or " ejecuciones " in Mexico over a 12 month period from May to May International media coverage has faded significantly in the last few years even though the rate of executions in Mexico has remained unacceptably high, with a current average of 50 a day.

Readers, through analyzing these maps, will obtain an idea of what Mexico is going through, the people affected and the failed policies of its governments, policies that are unchanged to this day. Data was used from " El Universal ", one of Mexico's national newspapers as well as " El Diario " for the killings in Juarez.

An a nalysis of what is happening in Mexico can be found here. T he respective links below are the maps from May to June The RED balloons are civilians. The RED balloons with a dot are high profile killings. The BLUE balloons are police officers and soldiers and other law enforcement. The BLUE balloons with a dot are high ranking officers. May 04 to May April 28 to May Mar 24 to April 1.

Mar 17 to Mar Subpages 2 : Jan 16 to Feb 28 Jan 01 to Jan Narco Killings This site is an historical mapping record of the number of narco related killings or " ejecuciones " in Mexico over a 12 month period from May to May A quick look at the history of the Sinaloa Cartel shows that El Chapo and efforts to expand his empire have led to much of the ongoing drug violence that has plunged Mexico into a narco-war.

narco killings

Boca Del Rio Massacre — On september 20,gunmen from Los Matazetas working at the time under orders of the Sinaloa Cartel dumped the tortured bodies of 35 men and women along a city highway in Boca Del Rio, Veracruz.

The bodies were left behind along with a narco banner where the Sinaloa Cartel forces took credit for the murder and threatened Los Zetas. Despite the clear cartel link to the murder, Tamaulipas authorities tried to claim that the victims were not related to drug trafficking activity and that there was no war between rival cartels in Nuevo Laredo.

Along with the gory find, the gunmen left a banner signed by El Chapo where he threatened the Nuevo Laredo Mayor and the local police chief for siding with Los Zetas and trying to ignore his presence. A Youtube video shows in gory detail the carnage of the battle.

After a lengthy chase and gun battle, Flores ended up in a pool of blood while the military arrested multiple gunmen. Murdered Protesters — On Marchsix farmers who had been protesting the building of a dam near Culiacan, Sinaloa were gunned down by Sinaloa Cartel gunmen during a firefight.

During that fierce gun battle, the six protesters were massacred by the cartel gunmen who mistook them for rivals. Please let us know if you're having issues with commenting.In countries like Mexico, Colombia and Honduras, participation in pageants is frequently tied to involvement with gang members.

In the macho world of the narcoshaving a beauty queen at your side is a status symbol, and cartels often bankroll beauty contests to facilitate this.

But this guy I was dating had too many and that made me uncomfortable. We all knew she was gonna win because she was with this big fish. Just a few months later, she was gunned down when the car she was riding in was ambushed by soldiers. After that, Angela usually kept her distance. She probably made the right call. Mexico suffers sickening rates of violence against women, much of it directly or indirectly connected with the narco business.

Nine women are murdered each day, according to the latest data from the UN. She had been murdered merely to send a warped message to Chapo. Of course, not all women in the narco world are victims or bystanders. But those are exceptions to the rule. For the most part, the narco world is heavily misogynistic. Failure to pay up is believed to have prompted the massacre. Then inthe authorities found more bodies at a ranch in San Fernando againkilled by the Zetas again.

This time, buses carrying men, women and children were run off the road. Several of the passengers were lined up in front of a bus and the driver was forced at gunpoint to run them over.

As many as 80 percent of women and girls trying to reach the United States are raped. As many as 80 percent of women and girls trying to reach the United States are raped — so many that according to Amnesty International and law enforcement, some decide for this reason to get contraceptive injections before setting out.

The trauma and devastation are visible north of the border. In other words, evidence of rape, robbery and murder. In a truce between the two biggest maras gangs in El Salvador, Barrio 18 and Mara Salvatrucha, fell apart.We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy.

The suspect was found in the possession of four assault rifles and ammunition, as well as various large vehicles including a bullet-proofed SUV, authorities said. GALEANA, Mexico — The eight children, some mere infants, who survived the ambush in northern Mexico not only escaped the drug cartel gunmen who killed their mothers but managed to hide in the brush, with some walking miles to get help despite grisly bullet wounds.

She may have moved away from the vehicle to distract their attention; her bullet-ridden body was found about 15 yards away from the SUV. The mother was one of nine U. Criminal investigators said late Tuesday that a suspect was arrested and is under investigation for possible connections with the deaths.

In a statement posted on Facebook, the Agency for Criminal Investigation for the state of Sonora said that the suspect was found in the town of Agua Prieta, right at the border with the U. The suspect, whose gender was not specified in the release, was also found in the possession of four assault rifles and ammunition, as well as various large vehicles including a bullet-proofed SUV, the agency said.

Women killed in Mexican cartel murders had alleged ties to sex cult Nxivm

The five wounded children were seriously enough injured that Mexican authorities flew them to the border in a military helicopter to receive hospital care in the United States. Three other children who were not wounded are in the care of family members in the tiny hamlet of La Mora in northern Mexico. But what the children went through in the remote, mountainous area of Sonora state is nearly indescribable.

narco killings

Kendra Miller, a relative, said in an account of the shootings that Devin Blake Langford, 13, was one of the few uninjured young people and quickly took charge, eventually walking about 14 miles back to La Mora for help. That girl, Mckenzie Rayne Langford, walked for hours in the dark before she was found several hours after the other children were rescued.

narco killings

She was listed as missing for a while. Altogether, the kids were on their own from about p. Relatives from La Mora tried to reach them before that, but were turned back by gunfire. The area is the site of a cartel turf war. In recordings of calls between the rescuers, they can be heard debating whether it was better to risk more lives, or wait for an hour or two until Mexican army troops arrived.

‘Narcos’ Location Scout Found Dead in Mexico

It was an agonizing decision. Cody Greyson Langford, 8, had been shot in the jaw and bled profusely. Another girl had been shot in the foot and the back. The Juarez cartel apparently wanted to send a message that it controlled the road into Chihuahua. It was this invasion force that the American mothers and their three vehicles drove into. It was only after the first vehicle was shot up and set afire that 50 or 60 Sinaloa cartel gunmen showed up to see what had happened. Austin Cloes, a relative of the victims, said from his home in Salt Lake City that they were good people who loved their children and enjoyed their quiet lives based around a successful pecan farming operation.

These are great people. The dead in the attacks included a mother, her 8-month-old twins, her year-old daughter, a year-old son. Another mother lay dead in the front seat of another Suburban, along with the bullet-riddled bodies of her sons, ages 11 and 2. Many La Mora residents call themselves Mormons but are not affiliated with any church. A number of such American farming communities are clustered around the Chihuahua-Sonora state border.

Many members were born in Mexico and have dual citizenship.

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